MetaWorks is a group of experienced psychologists who provide consultation to businesses and organizations. Through our trainings, evaluations and programs, we have provided services to dozens of companies and hundreds of individuals. Our services range from critical incident needs on a short-term basis to long range planning needs served by our company-wide assessments and evaluations.

As psychologists, we are People Experts! We understand people’s reactions to change, stress, to being evaluated, and to various pressures and deadlines. We design programs to assist company efforts at developing Leaders, encouraging Team Building, and enhancing Managerial and Supervisory Skills. Our goals are to help companies and their employees MAXIMIZE their potential by developing a plan for personal and professional growth. As a part of this goal, we help remove obstacles to that growth through programs designed to appreciate diversity, help men and women work together professionally and productively, and create a culture that values its employees and reduces the risks of violence.

We will partner with you using our skills, knowledge and experience to assist your business to increase productivity, improve worker morale, and create and maintain good customer relations. These results are accomplished through individually designed programs focused on:

• Employee Training and Education
• Enhanced Leadership Development
• Effective Team Building and Evaluations

Call us with your Problems and Questions for our no obligation consultation. We are confident you will value the MetaWorks Difference